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Beth at the Acropolis, Athens, Greece


Beth M. Stephenson

     Historical Fiction Author


Acropolis, Athens, Greece 4/23

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The Acropolis in Athens, Greece 4/23

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An epoch tale of courage, duty and treachery  ranging   from ancient Jerusalem to Nazi- occupied Rome. Those marked by God to protect the ancient temple jewels and gold must outwit treasure hunters, 

 human foibles and cruel conquerors. 

A Story of the Polish Resistance

Vibrant  storytelling, compelling characters and meticulous research combine to give a glimpse into the highly effective and courage actions of the Polish resistance against the Nazis. This can't-put-down novel will deepen your appreciation for sacrifices and triumphs of true heroes  that history didn't quite record. 

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March 6, 2023

This book captivated me from the start. It was well-researched and well-written. I was immediately drawn into the lives of these brave and honorable young men and those who were teaching and helping them to survive in a terrible time for Poland. Great historical fiction for teens and adults. Highly recommend!

J. Anderson

February 9, 2023

As a lover of historical fiction, I found myself quickly engrossed in the story. I look at the characters of this type of story and imagine that it very well could be true. Terrible events in the history of mankind have millions of stories that are never told or written down, but this is an accurate means to fill that void. I appreciate the authors effort to keep this story clean without improper language and showing that true heroes can be of high moral character. I would definitely recommend this book to young adults for a enjoyable and thoughtful read.


March 29, 2023

This story is about some young boys who prepare and fight for survival during WWII in Poland. While the story is indeed fiction, no detail surrounding that point in history and location is overlooked. I loved the characters and couldn’t put it down! I would definitely recommend this book to teens and adults alike who enjoy a good historical fiction.

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