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Bookcover for Expelled: A Story of the Polish Reisistance
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The Nazis have demanded fifty kilograms of gold by the next day or they will take 200 Jews to Auschwitz. Judy is the hereditary keeper of the ancient temple Robes  which are encrusted with jewels and gold. Surely they are worth the living souls of her friends and neighbors. 

Flashback  hundreds of generations to her ancestors who  have planned, fought, sacrificed and protected the relics. Their stories, filtered down through time help to instruct her against the ferocious greed of the Nazis and those treasure hunters who will claim it for themselves if Judy stumbles in her duty. 

Carefully researched and woven into a compelling story of human foibles, courage, romance and inspiration. 

The little told stories of the Polish Resistance come to life in this compelling story of a village's struggle to protect and prepare their youths to survive the Nazi evil. 

Aleks Wojcik and his friends are not satisfied to simply survive. Through their youthful bravado, courage and wit, they are determined to find a way to triumph over the invading enemy. 

Rasmus Anderson loved to gather his grandchildren to his knees and regale them with his adventures as a wild west Utah Cowboy. His grandson, Jay Anderson wrote them from memory, added  journal accounts from family members and fact checked with public records. Together, we wove them into a fictionalized story of rollicking adventure, love, and thoroughly American tall tales.

An easy, clean read.  


Published by Shoppe Foreman Publishing in 2010

Bookcover for Rasmus, Tales of a Utah Cowboy
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Bookcover for Beth Stephenson's Americana volume one
Bookcover for Beth Stephenson's Americana Volume Two

Each volume of Beth Stephenson's Americana has 52 fun, short essays about everything great in America. Discover the cultures, customs, history and heroes, the food and fables that make America a truly blessed and delightful land.

These are collected from the long-running syndicated newspaper column, Beth Stephenson's Americana.

The kindle versions have colored photos but the print versions are black and white. 

The Angel's Song Kindle Cover.jpg

A heart-warming Christmas story of a young girl searching for her mother as she copes with the unfamiliar traditions and family life in  foster care. Based on a real character, this fictional story will touch your heart and inspire your compassion. 

Bring the tissues, it's a tear jerker! 

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