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Solomon in all his glory...

Sundance Slopes above Provo, UT with snowfield in the valley between.

Sometimes we all need to set aside the electronics, mute the phone, get some exercise and just go revel in God's beautiful gift to His children. So, yesterday, Jeff and I decided to get up before the sun to be on the trail to Stewart Falls before 8:00. (We wanted to avoid both the heat and the heaviest crowds.)

It's about a 4 mile round-trip hike. Turn left just after the Forest service booth. Trailhead is by the outhouse.

If you can't go yourself, here are some of the things we saw.

White columbine
Pure white Columbine. I'd never seen pure white in the wild

Before Sundance was purchased from the Stewart family, it was a giant Pioneer homestead. They were raising cattle and sheep in these high mountain meadows. It's well-watered with snowmelt and the scenery is enough to keep you gazing forever.

Immediately after WW2 the owners began attracting skiers to the area with rope pullies, and clearing runs. Actor Robert Redford bought the entire area and developed it into a full-fledged ski resort in 1968. Now it's a year round attraction. With Mount Timpanogos reigning over the region, the whole area is laced with spectacular hikes and campsites.

Heavy snows upended a bunch of big trees. They haven't got them all cleared yet.

Purple Sweet peas

Pale pink sweet peas in another area


Jeff has had his "Rascal Beater" (walking stick) for almost 30 years! It's a piece of Aspen from our years living in Colorado. Yep that's a cast on his right arm. Another broken wrist, this time from playing basketball with the young and agile!

White flowers along an alpine path
Not sure what these are. About 3 inches across. Please comment if you know!

whole banks of these beauties along the trail.

Trees get bent out of shape by heavy snow pressure.

Tall Alpine Waterfall
This fall has never been here before. It's about 200 feet to the south of Stewart Falls

This huge snowdrift (or possibly a snowslide) is about three feet deep at the bottom. The tall, next door waterfall flows under the drift before joining the cascade below Stewart Falls.

Stewart Falls with rainbow in the mist
Stewart Falls! Check out that rainbow! Usually we hike underneath, but there was NO WAY!

Photo of the falls was taken at 9:00 a.m. on July 6 2023

Beth and Jeff with Stewart Falls behind us. Happy hikers!

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