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The Last Masterpiece

20 Years ago, I finished the Last Masterpiece. I was obligated by contract to send it my first publisher. They gave it a plus, plus rating OVER their highest rating. But I realized that they weren't set up for broad distribution and when they failed to publish in the two year contract period, I retrieved it from them.

In the meantime: I've written hundreds of newspaper columns, 5 other historical novels, and been waiting for when the time felt right to release them in quick sequence.

The last shall be first and the first shall be last. . . sorta.

I just did a hard rewrite on the Last Masterpiece and fell in love all over again. Jeff just finished the preliminary edit, so now after I go through it again, I'll send it for a final edit. We're debating cover design and will take piles of photographs during our several weeks in Italy, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Israel this spring.

HOWEVER: In the meantime, while all that editing and art design is going on, I'm working on a humdinger of a story titled "The Treasure of the House of Levi" which we expect to release before the Last Masterpiece. It's also historical fiction and spans 3 millennia! I'm enjoying the story as it evolves and think it will follow EXPELLED in publishing order perfectly. We expect to have "The Treasure of the House of Levi" out by the end of July 2023, and if that goes well, we'll have "The Last Masterpiece" ready by Dec 1 2023.

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